Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ed Brickler, Director of the Canson Art Education Program, will be presenting two lectures at Forstall Art Center: Make Your Mark & Color from Theory to Practice.
March: March 31st, 6pm - 8:30pm. Class is free, limited to first 20 students.

Make Your Mark: (60 minutes)
Properties of different papers; how to choose and use
Paper making and paper materials
Weights and textures
Archival properties
Paper choices
Paper applications
Digital Papers

Color from Theory to Practice: (60 minutes)
Color theory applied to practical color mixing
The color wheel
Characteristics of color
Developing a color palette

All About Art Programs are conducted by Ed Brickler, director of the Canson Art Education Program. A working artist, he has been an art materials consultant for twenty years, and has lectured on materials and techniques in art schools across North America. He has taught drawing and painting, and conducted workshops on color mixing, pen and ink, painting, and composition. Brickler has published articles in The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Magic, and Art Materials Today, and was a contributing editor to Palette Talk. He is a graduate of Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA, and the Baum School of Art, in Allentown, PA. 500 Years of Art History Art education is important to us for good reason. Our business – and our heritage – is fine art materials, and it has been for a long time. Since 1557, Canson papers have been manufactured in a village in France by a family known for innovation, including the invention of vellum and tracing papers, pulp-dyed paper and the 1783 invention of the hot-air balloon, made of paper. More recently, we have pioneered papers to enhance the performance of digital printing technologies. Nearby, our sister mill, Arches, has been creating the world’s most famous watercolor and printmaking papers since 1492. Royal Talens of Holland, distributed by Canson, has been creating color for fine artists around the world since 1899. We’re proud of our past, and dedicated to innovating programs and materials that engage and inspire artists – today and tomorrow. It is about the process of making art… imagination, materials, experimentation, and expression evolving into the end result. Developing students’ skills is easier when they know what they have to work with. For artists to really explore their potential, they need to understand what their materials can do. The Canson Art Education Program is designed to help art educators and teachers inform students about materials and techniques through a program of lectures, information and training. The lecture series combines history and emerging trends with hands-on demonstration to illuminate the roles of materials and techniques. These are not picture-painting demonstrations, nor are they sales pitches – just informative and practical presentations of artists’ tools. Although specific products are used, information is delivered to apply to materials in general. Lectures vary in length from one to two hours, and can be customized to meet the needs or interests of your class or artist group and adapted to any skill level. Each lecture is followed by a question and answer session.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Frank Flemming Clay Sculpture Workshop

Frank Fleming will take you through the sculpture process with demonstrations, hints, tips & lots of fun. Mr. Fleming is well known in the Birmingham area for his sculptures, and is most famous here for his “Story Teller” animal sculpture in 5 Points South. We will fire the pieces in time for Valentine’s Day!

Sat, Feb. 6th, 10:30am - 3pm
Cost: $95, supplies included, Free lunch!

Encaustics with Maralyn Wilson... again!

Maralyn will show you how to paint with pigmented hot wax, incorporating rich colors with mixed media to create paintings with a celestial glow. Encaustic painting offers incredible working properties such as: layering color upon color with immediacy without concerns for "fat over lean", no concern for drying time as encaustic paintings can be reworked immediately or even years later simply with the addition of heat. She will also teach techniques that reveal underlying colors.

Saturday, February 27, 10am – 4pm
Cost: $145, Enkaustikos supplies included, Free Lunch!

Hard Cover Books with Doug Baulos

Create two hardcover books in one day!
In this class, Doug leads you through an exploration of the architectural possibilities of the book form. Using Doug’s own formats, students will learn how to connect, weave, fold and sew forms. Niches, windows and drawers will be discussed. Adhesive, sewn and non-adhesive bindings will be utilized. This is a construction class - we won’t be painting...much.

Instructor Site

Saturday, February 20, 10–4pm
Cost: $65, Free Lunch!