Friday, February 5, 2010

Alex Bailey: Basic Drawing Materials

Explore the tools for creating depth and volume. Alex will review the properties of drawing mediums including: graphite, charcoal, hard & soft pastels and oil pastels. All attendees will receive Cretacolor & Sennelier samples and free literature.

Saturday, March 6, 1pm-3pm
Class is free, limited to first 20 students

Alex Bailey: The A to Z of Acrylics

This lecture covers acrylics from "A" to "Z," including: acrylic mediums, pigments, color mixing, glazing, gels, grounds, varnishing and health & safety. All attendees will receive GOLDEN samples and free literature.

Sat., March 6, 10 - 11:30am
Class is free, limited to first 20 students.